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Apple announces iPhoto for iPhone, iPad: powerful editing, scrapbook creation, available today for $4.99

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At Apple's event today in San Francisco, the company announced a version of iPhoto for iOS.

Gallery Photo: iPhoto for iPad announcement-photos
Gallery Photo: iPhoto for iPad announcement-photos

At Apple's event today in San Francisco, after announcing the new iPad, the company also debuted a version of iPhoto for iOS, filling out the iLife section of the App Store a bit more. The new app is a much more powerful way to manage your photos on your iPad, and includes some serious editing functionality. It has a shelves-style look for managing your photos, and lets you quickly add effects, do some retouching, and even beam pictures from device to device. The $4.99 universal app is available today, though you'll need at least an iPad 2 or iPhone 4 to use it.

It's a multitouch-heavy app, letting you edit and manipulate images up to 19 megapixels — the app can automatically detect and correct horizon lines, and you can quickly edit shadows, exposure and the like all using multitouch. You can also compare your edited photo to the original quickly, a feature we love in the OS X version of the app. Changing white balance is as simple as dragging your finger around the screen, and any edit you make can be done specifically to one tiny section of the photo, or the entire picture. There are a bunch of effects in iPhoto for iPad, too, non-destructive tweaks to your photos. Most are just simple color tweaks — Black & White, Aura, Vintage, and a few others — but all seem to work well and smoothly.

Once you're done, you can share your photos to a variety of sites, from iCloud and Flickr to Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook sharing is particularly interesting, since that's not something we've seen much of from Apple's other iOS apps — though it is available in the desktop version of iPhoto. You can also create Journals of your photos, lay them out into photo books with some cool styling that's reminiscent of Flipboard's layout. You can add maps, sticky notes, and more — Apple's trying to create a full-fledged digital scrapbook, complete with all the extras you'd want to add. The Journals can be shared via iCloud, and are viewable in any browser.