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Original iPad 3G's AT&T unlimited data plan is still unthrottled, unlike smartphones

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AT&T has confirmed that users on the original iPad 3G's unlimited data plan are currently unthrottled.

Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos

The unlimited data plan that was briefly offered when the original iPad 3G first launched on AT&T is unthrottled, we've been able to confirm with the carrier this afternoon, which means there's no monthly cap at which download speeds will be arbitrarily reduced. That's unusual because AT&T's unlimited data plan for smartphones — which has also been discontinued — is throttled, a topic of considerable controversy recently. How long the unthrottled policy will stay in place remains to be seen, but it's possible that the number of affected users is so small that they're simply not worrying about it — to be clear, this only affects users who purchased and have maintained one of those unlimited tablet plans since 2010, and those lucky few will be able to carry the plan forward into a new LTE-enabled iPad if they like.