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Yahoo reportedly planning legal action against Facebook over unresolved patent claims

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Yahoo is reportedly preparing formal legal action against Facebook for infringing upon several social networking and advertising patents.

Yahoo billboard
Yahoo billboard

Former search giant Yahoo has been dealing with its fair share of turmoil lately, and now some of the company's problems may be leading it into the courtroom. Business Insider is reporting that Yahoo is preparing to take "formal action" against Facebook — likely in the form of a lawsuit — after talks over alleged patent violations by the social networking company have proven fruitless. At issue are several online advertising and social networking patents that Yahoo claims Facebook is violating. Facebook itself did not comment on the developments, though Yahoo stated that "We must insist that Facebook either enter into a licensing agreement or we will be compelled to move forward unilaterally to protect our rights." Yahoo is reportedly hoping to receive some percentage of Facebook's revenues, but whether that strategy — even if successful — will be enough to right the company's ship remains to be seen.