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Sources: Apple's new iPad makes the leap to 1GB of RAM

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Sources have informed us that Apple's new iPad has received a memory upgrade, and will ship with 1GB of RAM.

Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos

There were a lot of hardware specs bandied about at this morning's iPad event: an A5X processor with quad-core graphics, a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display, and LTE. One piece of information that wasn't mentioned, however, was RAM. Sources have informed us that Apple's latest has indeed received an upgrade in that area as well, and will ship with 1GB of RAM — double that of its predecessor. Cupertino has consistently tried to avoid playing the specifications game with the iPad and iPhone; the products have almost always shipped with memory and horsepower that were considered below the norm for their respective times, with the original iPad featuring just 256MB of RAM. Some may point to the dual-core A5X as an example of the trend continuing, but it certainly didn't seem to cause any issues when we spent some time with the new tablet. We'll know for sure when the product arrives in stores on March 16th.