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Google search app for Windows Phone updated with new features, but doesn't impress

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Google has released an updated version of its search app for Windows Phone 7.

Google logo
Google logo

Google has released a revamped version of its native search app for Windows Phone 7, introducing new functionality that (in theory) should bring the user experience closer to parity with versions already available on Android and iOS. Google Instant, autocomplete, location-based results, and voice search are the most notable enhancements here; they each do what you'd expect and should be familiar to anyone who's used the search engine as of late.

Despite these added features, initial reviews for the app aren't what we'd call glowing. The majority of user complaints seem to revolve around a broken image search tool, sluggish performance, and the fact that the app itself basically amounts to a wrapper for Google's mobile homepage, straying far from Microsoft's Metro design language. Those looking to put Google's search app through its paces can head over to Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for the download. Just don't expect the same type of deep OS integration offered by Bing.