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Getty Images licenses Instagram portraits of New York Yankees

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Sports photographer Nick Laham has had his Instagram photos of the New York Yankees baseball team picked up by Getty Images.

getty iphone photos of yankees
getty iphone photos of yankees

It's not just Annie Leibovitz that uses the iPhone's camera to shoot impromptu photos. Sports photographer Nick Laham recently conducted a photoshoot with the New York Yankees baseball team and captured all the images using Instagram on his iPhone. What's notable about Nick's spring training portraits, however, is that they've since been licensed by international photo agency Getty Images, attesting to the quality that can be extracted from the smartphone's camera.

Photo purists might well find fault with the finer detail of the pictures — and many traditionalists will likely wince at the use of Instagram to weather the pics — but there's no denying the trend toward using phone cameras for more professional purposes. The final, square-cropped images are just under 2.4 megapixels in size and available to browse on Getty's website linked below. Next up, iPad photos of the LA Lakers.