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MotoACTV gets update March 9th, adds 40 new activities and hands-free wake-up

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Tomorrow will see the release of another update for the MotoACTV watch, bringing 40 new activities to monitor and the ability to wake the watch up with a flick of your wrist.

Motorola MotoACTV
Motorola MotoACTV

The updates just keep coming for the MotoACTV, Motorola's workout monitoring wristwatch. Just a month after the device received a significant jump in battery life, a new update adds a hefty 40 new activities to track, including everything from badminton and basketball to yoga and fencing. The update also brings some hands-free functionality to the MotoACTV as you can now wake up the watch up from sleep mode by flicking your wrist, as opposed to pressing the power button. Finally, you can also now configure Wi-Fi connections directly from the watch itself. Though originally slated to be released yesterday, Motorola says that users can expect to see the update on March 9th.