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Google Play update breaks Market links on some Motorola devices

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Users of Android devices with Motorola's Blur skin are reporting that Google's Play store revamp is causing Android Market links in the OS to break.

droid life blur market link
droid life blur market link

Google's switch from Android Market to Google Play is causing the links built into Motorola's Blur skin to short circuit on at least some of the company's devices, reports Droid Life. It looks like when you tap links to the Market on an updated device, Blur will try to launch the Android Market app, and won't realize that it's really looking for Play. The end result is an irksome "Application is not installed on your device" warning whenever you tap the link. There's good news for those with affected devices, though — you can still download apps just like you used to, you just need to launch the new Play app instead of tapping the shortcut. Unfortunately, those of you out there with particularly sticky muscle memory are out of luck, as the links won't be fixed until Motorola releases an over-the-air update.