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Sony Music Unlimited adds Vita support and offline playback for Android phones

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Streaming music service Sony Music Unlimited has just added support for the PS Vita as well as offline playback for the phone version of its Android app.

PS Vita stock os outdoors 900
PS Vita stock os outdoors 900

Sony Music Unlimited, the paid cross-platform streaming service that Sony has previously brought to its PlayStation 3 and Walkman PMPs, is now available on the PS Vita. The Music Unlimited app can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and looks to be available for both Basic ($3.99 a month) and Premium ($9.99 a month) users, although only Premium users will be able to listen to their playlists offline.

Those premium users will also be getting a nice surprise on Android cellphones: an update released today will add offline playback to Sony's mobile phone app as well. We're not sure why, but that update doesn't seem to have made it over to the separate tablet version, which still doesn't support listening to your playlists offline. Like previous Music Unlimited updates, these changes probably aren't going to draw too many new users by themselves, but combined with the upcoming iOS app, Sony is creating a wide support base for its service.