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Facebook introduces Interest Lists for celebrities, pages, topics, brands and more

Facebook introduces Interest Lists for celebrities, pages, topics, brands and more


Facebook just introduced Interest Lists, customized News Feeds for topics you care about like "NBA pgolayers," "celebrities," or "Verge writers."

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Facebook interest lists
Facebook interest lists

Want to keep track of all your favorite celebrities, pages, or even Verge writers? Facebook just announced Interest Lists, a new way to create customized news feeds filled with stories from people and pages you're subscribed to. Interest Lists can also include people you're friends with, but Facebook recommends creating some lists surrounding topics you enjoy. Facebook has already built Interest Lists you can follow like "Art Critics," "Fiction Authors," and "Movie Stars."

Facebook's Interest Lists product rings a bell because it's a hybrid of Twitter Lists and Google+ Circles. Twitter lets you follow lists others have made as well as make private Lists, and Facebook's Interest Lists have the same capacity. But like Google+ Circles, adding someone to an Interest List doesn't friend them, but instead subscribes to them.

So what's the difference between a like and a subscription? Ads.

At Facebook's Marketing Conference two weeks ago, the company told us that if you like a page on Facebook, that page (or brand) can serve ads to you. Facebook told us today that if you add a page to one of your Interest Lists, this does not mean that Page can serve ads to you. When you add a page to an Interest list, you subscribe to that page but do not like the page, hence you cannot be served ads from that page. For example, if you add Coca Cola's Facebook Page to your "Beverages I Enjoy" Interest List, Coca Cola will not be able to serve you ads.

Interest Lists are available to check out now inside Facebook's left navigational bar. Here's how an Interest List looks: