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New iPad LTE data plans: no mobile hotspot with AT&T at launch

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Verizon and AT&T have clarified their pricing structures for commitment-free data on the new iPad with LTE.

Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos

Apple has been shuffling the data plans that it shows for the Verizon and AT&T versions of the new iPad with LTE service in the past day, and it's a little confusing — AT&T's $30 plan was originally indicated as 2GB instead of 3, and buyers still can't see all four Verizon plans that are available. Here's the definitive word on the commitment-free offerings from both operators:

AT&T (3 plans total)

  • 250MB $14.99, overage $14.99 per 250MB
  • 3GB $30, overage $10 per 1GB
  • 5GB $50, overage $10 per 1GB

Verizon (4 plans total)

  • 1GB $20, overage $20 per 1GB
  • 2GB $30, overage $10 per 1GB
  • 5GB $50, overage $10 per 1GB
  • 10GB $80, overage $10 per 1GB

Perhaps more notably, Verizon's plans include hotspot service across the board at no additional cost — the new iPad supports tethering, so this is something that'll definitely come into play for many users. AT&T has not announced a tethering policy specific to tablet plans (which are technically different in AT&T's systems to their smartphone equivalents), but it'd be logical to assume that the 5GB $50 plan will support it; the 250MB and 3GB plans may not. We've reached out to AT&T for comment and we'll update when we have a clarification.

Update: An AT&T spokesperson says "We are working with Apple to enable this feature in the future, but we currently do not offer it." So for the moment, hotspot capability on the new iPad appears to be a Verizon exclusive in the US.

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