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Anonymous planning new DNS amplification tool for large-scale attacks

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Unhappy with its current tools, Anonymous has plans for something bigger — but whether it will ever get made is another story.


Anonymous has made a name for itself with attacks on everyone from the Syrian government to the Department of Justice, and now the group is planning a new system for even bigger attacks, reports Ars Technica. The idea is to use an existing form of attack called DNS amplification, which can take a small number of requests from an attacker and turn it into a flood of data on the target's machine — network traffic can reach into the hundreds of gigabytes per second, and worse still, the attacker remains undetected. With enough participants on the attacking end this type of attack can be very effective. The new tool would use this technique in conjunction with other kinds of attacks — including flooding IPs with spoof addresses — while still being relatively easy to use for the less sophisticated Anonymous members. However, whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen — the project has apparently yet to move out of the planning stages and it's so technical that it could prove difficult to adopt even if it ever gets built.