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Clear Stick Atlas WiMAX dongle connects to computers, tablets without any software

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Clearwire has released a new USB stick called the Clear Stick Atlas, which lets you connect to the company's WiMAX network without installing any software.

Clear Stick Atlas
Clear Stick Atlas

Clear has launched a new USB device that it claims is the first in the US to give users instant connectivity to its WiMAX network without the need for any additional software. The Clear Stick Atlas offers what sounds like a fairly simple plug-and-play experience, and it's compatible with a number of operating systems. This includes standards like Windows (XP, Vista, and 7), OS X, and Linux, but also both Android and Chrome — so in addition to your laptop, you could use it on your Android tablet. The Clear Stick will run you $49.99, but you'll need to be in one of the areas covered by Clear for it work. You'll also need to fork out for a Clear plan, which start at $34.99 a month. Then again, with Clear's LTE network set to be deployed next year, you might just want to hold on to your money for a little while.