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Android 4.0 update rolling out to HTC Sensation and Sensation XE in Germany

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HTC is reportedly rolling out the OTA Android 4.0 update to the Sensation and Sensation XE in Germany.

HTC Sensation XE
HTC Sensation XE

We knew that HTC would be giving European owners of the Sensation and Sensation XE a sneak peek at the company's Ice Cream Sandwich update, and it appears the release is finally landing for German users. HTCInside is reporting that the over-the-air update, which includes Sense 3.6, has begun rolling out to users in the country. It's said to currently be limited to unlocked devices, and with the Sensation XE weighing in at 283.27MB, it's not a download you'll want to undertake over your cellular data connection. If you're in the region, however, the download is said to be available now.