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Zynga signs Konami and Rebellion to social gaming platform

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Zynga has announced that Konami and Rebellion are to publish social games to Facebook and under the company's banner.

words with friends and metal gear solid 4
words with friends and metal gear solid 4

Zynga has announced a deal that will see Konami and Rebellion publish social games to Facebook and the newly-minted under the company's banner. The two developers are best known for hardcore video game franchises such as Metal Gear Solid and Aliens vs Predator, but their titles will now be rubbing shoulders with the likes of FarmVille and Words with Friends. Both companies have dabbled in social games before, however — Konami has released titles like the hugely popular Dragon Collection on the GREE platform in Japan, and last year Rebellion announced the creation of a dedicated social gaming division following its success with Evil Genius. So, chances are this won't mark a major shift in development strategy, but it's easy to see why the companies would want access to Zynga's astronomical subscriber base.