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Thermaltake's Level 10 M is a BMW-designed mouse for gamers

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Termaltake and BMW's Designworks USA have released details of the Level 10 M Mouse. The peripheral is aimed at gamers and continues the two companies' design partnership following the Level 10 PC case.

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level 10 m
level 10 m

After teasing the Level 10 M Mouse earlier this year, Thermaltake and BMW's Designworks USA have released details of the gaming-centric peripheral at the CeBIT show in Germany. The mouse seems to take many cues from other gaming mice, like the similarly aggressive-designed Cyborg RAT 7 and the Logitech G9x. While a touch more reserved than the Cyborg, the Level 10 M features a skeletal design with an aluminum base, a hollowed-out midsection illuminated by LEDs, and a perforated top to allow for airflow. For the discerning gamer, the rear of the mouse is height-adjustable by 5mm and can be tilted to either side by five degrees. With the included software, the Level 10 M's eleven buttons can be reprogrammed, the color of its LEDs changed, and the sensitivity of its tracking adjusted between 800 and 8200 DPI — higher than either the Cyborg or Logitech.

Termaltake and BMW Designworks had previously worked on the Level 10 PC chassis, and the Level 10 M Mouse is apparently just the first peripheral collaboration the two companies plan on developing together. There's no word yet on price or release date, but the mouse will come in black, white, or green and be sold under Thermaltake's Tt eSports brand.