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Comcast says no to Netflix

Comcast says no to Netflix


Comcast has announced that it has "no interest" in providing Netflix service on its cable boxes, just days after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that he was in talks with a number of cable companies.

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Netflix might love the idea of being available on your cable box, but Comcast said today that it has "no interest" in offering the video streaming service. We heard on Monday that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been in talks with a number of cable companies about integrating the service into their boxes, but Comcast is the first firm to publicly deny any involvement in the partnerships. It's not the most surprising announcement — Comcast has its own video on demand service in the form of Xfinity, including the recently-launched Streampix service which offers access from the web and mobile devices and goes head-to-head with Netflix.

This is a blow for Hastings' plans since Comcast is currently the largest cable provider in the US. However, the company's rivals like Time Warner, Cox, and Bright House could still adopt Netflix as a means of attracting customers and differentiating themselves from Comcast's offerings.