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Raspberry Pi suffers a minor production setback

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raspberry pi ethernet jack
raspberry pi ethernet jack

Just as the Raspberry Pi went into production and sold out of its initial batch, there's been a slight hitch in the plans. A sourcing glitch from the manufacturer meant that Ethernet jacks without integrated magnetics were soldered to the board, leaving the tiny computers without network connectivity. As you can see from the photo above, it's not a difficult mistake to make (the color doesn't have anything to do with it). Fortunately, the problem simply requires desoldering of the old jacks and substituting in the new part, but finding a sufficient amount may be an issue with the next batch. The team is trying to source as many as they can in order to get the production line back up and running, and the factory has nearly finished replacing parts on the first batch.

While the delay is disappointing, we have to applaud the Raspberry Pi Foundation's transparency throughout the whole process — ever since the project was announced, we've been kept up to date with the minutiae of manufacturing each step of the way. Larger companies would do well to keep their customers similarly in the loop.