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Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.x shuttering on May 9th

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Microsoft's Windows Mobile Marketplace for its Windows Mobile 6.x platform is closing for good on May 9th, 2012. After this time, Windows Mobile 6.x users will no longer be able to download new apps from the store.

Motorola q9c windows mobile 6
Motorola q9c windows mobile 6

Those still using a Windows Mobile 6.x device for work (or, heavens forbid, play), be forewarned — the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is going dark on May 9th. If you have any apps you've been forgetting to update on your HTC HD2, you'll need to make sure you grab them now, before the folks in Redmond turn the lights off for good.

Note that we're talking about the old Windows Marketplace for Mobile here, and not the current Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows Phone 7. Launching at Mobile World Congress 2009, the Marketplace was regarded as a temporary bulwark; a place to browse and download third party applications on the aging Windows Mobile 6.x platform while Microsoft worked to get Windows Phone 7 out the door. For those of you affected by the closure, take heart that with all of the new devices we saw announced at CES and MWC, 2012's shaping up to be a great year to try something new.