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Intel Medfield phone benchmarked, outperforms Galaxy Nexus

Intel Medfield phone benchmarked, outperforms Galaxy Nexus


The upcoming Orange Santa Clara smartphone has had its Intel Medfield processor put to the test via browser benchmarks

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We saw the Orange Santa Clara Medfield phone at MWC last week and were impressed by its performance, but an enterprising blogger from German site Caschys Blog went one step further and performed some web benchmarks on the device. He ran Qualcomm's Vellamo benchmark app and the browser-based BrowserMark on the device and got some pretty stellar results. Orange's upcoming smartphone outperformed the iPhone 4S in BrowserMark and bested both the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II LTE in Vellamo.

The results are pretty unsurprising as the power of Intel's 1.4GHz SoC has never been in question, but it's always good to see a device performing to expectations. It's worth mentioning that browser benchmarks aren't indicative of real-world performance, but when combined with our impressions from MWC, it appears the Santa Clara will be a potent device. The important question that Intel still hasn't answered is one of battery life, and it looks like we'll have to wait for the phone's release this summer to put it to the test.