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Unity 3D port of 'Portal' not coming to Android after all

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The development project to port Valve's Portal to Android has been stopped due to opposition from the company's legal team.

portal toilet
portal toilet

Last month we were excited to report about work being done on a port of Valve's Portal for Android, but sadly, it looks like this is the end of the road for the project. While the port was never sanctioned by Valve, the developers reached out to the company back in February to see if there would be any legal problems with bringing the game to the mobile platform. Well, unsurprisingly, there are problems. Yesterday the main developer, tibers28, received a terse email from Valve's legal team, informing him that the company was opposed to the idea:


Unfortunately, the developers were already a considerable way into coding — a few levels had been completed, and work was beginning on the portal gun itself. It's a shame that we won't get to play Portal on our phones (at least not yet), but we can't say we're surprised by Valve's decision not to surrender its intellectual property to some developers on the internet.