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Panasonic's 2012 line of Viera TVs, Blu-ray players available this month

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Panasonic has detailed release dates for its 2012 line of HDTVs, as well as pricing for its high-end Blu-ray models.

Panasonic Viera Lineup 2012
Panasonic Viera Lineup 2012

After revealing its 2012 TV and Blu-ray line-up at CES in January, Panasonic has detailed release dates for the entire range. There are 32 new TVs over 11 series, and most of them will be available this month. The ST50, UT50, and XT50 series of plasma displays will be available this month alongside the E50, ET5, E5, and X5 LED TV series. If you're interested in the high-end models, the VT50 and GT50 plasma series will be available starting later this month. The top of the line LED series are the DT50 and WT50, which will debut with 47-inch models this month, followed by 55-inch variants coming in April / May. Panasonic hasn't given us pricing for the lineup just yet, but it should be coming soon.

The release of the range-topping TVs will coincide with the company's high-end 3D Blu-ray player, which is due for release in May. Panasonic is pushing the audio capabilities of its new BDT500, which it says simulates "the warm, comforting sound of a tube amplifier." The player is compatible with FLAC, provides 7.1 channel output, and has twin HDMI ports, allowing one HDMI to be used solely for audio output. Also hitting in May is the BBT01, a miniature Blu-ray player that sits on an elevated platform and looks somewhat like a Kinect. The BDT500 will cost $349.99, with the BBT01 coming in at $269.99.

If you're just seeing a wall of model numbers, don't despair: you can click on any of the series to take a closer look at the individual models and their specifications in our product database.