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Microsoft working to develop touchscreens with only 1ms lag (video)

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Microsoft is working on new touch input technology that will reduce the response delay of touchscreens by two orders of magnitude, right down to an instantaneous 1ms.

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MS high-performance touch
MS high-performance touch

Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group has released a video comparing current touchscreen technology to its vision of where touch input delay needs to be: 1ms. Paul Dietz is part of the group that's been conducting research into the area, and he says that 1ms is a great benchmark to aim for, as it reduces the lag between touch input and display response to a pretty much imperceptible level. Current touchscreens have a lag of around 100ms, according to Microsoft's data, which results in a recognizable delay between your touch and the onscreen interaction you're trying to activate. Although the demo from the Redmond team isn't actually running on a touchscreen display — input reaction is projected onto the surface from above — the basic idea of such instant responsiveness leaves us in no doubt that Microsoft's got the right idea.