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Dropbox revamps website, adds photo viewer, indexed search, keyboard shortcuts

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Dropbox just rolled out a big update to its web client that inclues a new toolbar, right-click functionality, keyboard shortcuts, and a new photo viewer.

Dropbox new site
Dropbox new site

Dropbox just rolled out a big facelift to its web client that adds an indexed search box that fetches results while you type, picture thumbnails, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts for selecting files, and a new full-screen photo viewer. The redesigned site also includes right-click functionality for downloading, moving, and renaming files.

While Dropbox says its new site is "simpler, more powerful, and more beautiful," it's missing a couple key features. First, file sizes and folder sizes are no longer viewable at a glance, and you can't view how many files are in one folder without selecting every file. Second, if you use Dropbox to share and edit files with others, only first names show up next to who has modified a file ("I work with two different Isabelles!" one commenter on Dropbox's blog post cried). On the whole, however, the site refresh should please most Dropbox users — we particularly like the new search bar and the variety of keyboard shortcuts at our disposal, a list of which you can access by typing "?" inside the Dropbox site.