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iPhoto for OS X update lets you delete pictures from the cloud

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The OS X version of iPhoto has received a update, which, among other things, finally lets iCloud users delete photos from the Photo Stream.

iPhoto iPad
iPhoto iPad

Apple may have just unveiled an iOS version of iPhoto, but it hasn't forgotten about its OS X counterpart, releasing an update today. The biggest change in version 9.2.2 of iPhoto is that iCloud users can finally delete photos from their Photo Stream, which should make it easier to keep unwanted or embarrassing pictures out of your cloud-based image collection. There are also some smaller changes, including compatibility fixes with both iCloud and iOS 5, as well as additional support for gesture controls.

An update is also available for another member of the iLife family, GarageBand. It's a much smaller one that focuses mainly on fixing some compatibility issues with projects made in the iOS version of the music-making app. Both updates are available now, and require OS X 10.6.8 or higher to install.