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Google Play update appears to fix broken Market links on Motorola devices

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A new version of Google's Play app for Android appears to fix the broken Android Market links that were reported on some Motorola devices yesterday.

blur market alive
blur market alive

That was quick. Yesterday we reported that Google's Play rebrand of the Android Market may have inadvertently broke the Market shortcut links on some Motorola devices. Now it appears that a new update to Play (version 3.4.7) makes everything work the way it's supposed to again. We can confirm that our RAZR Maxx and Droid X2 — the former of which Droid Life originally confirmed as having the problem — are both running Play Store 3.4.7, and the Market links on both redirect properly to the new store. The update to the new version of Play is being pushed out as we speak, but if for some reason you didn't get it yet, you can pick it up it at the source link below.

Thanks, blacktea!