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Vevo launches site redesign with Facebook logins and iTunes-created video playlists

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We heard that music video site Vevo was planning a major site redesign, and that new design is rolling out today just as planned.


We heard that music video site Vevo was planning a major site redesign, and those news changes are rolling out today just as planned. The first major difference you'll notice is that the only way to sign up for an account is with Facebook, and existing users must now log in with Facebook as well. According to Vevo, there are several benefits of this new integration — the most noticeable of which is that Vevo creates a personalized Facebook playlist based on artists you've liked or music you've shared previously. To go along with this move to Facebook integration, longtime users will notice that Vevo no longer hosts videos through YouTube; we heard about this potential change a few months ago and it now looks like a reality. Another new feature we hadn't heard about until today is iTunes integration. If you let the site scan your library, it'll create a custom iTunes playlist based on music in your library. Both of these features worked quickly and easily, and you can always re-scan if you "like" new artists on Facebook or add more music to your library. The iTunes playlist felt rather incompletely, though, based on the number of songs in our library — there were definitely a high number of songs that had videos in our library that weren't added to the playlist.

Vevo has also added some new music discovery features, courtesy of The Echo Nest. If you pick a single video to play, Vevo users it as a starting point for a playlist based on similar music from The Echo Nest's database of 30 million songs. To go along with these new features, Vevo also launched updated apps for Android and iPhone, with an update coming soon for the iPad-specific app. To round things out, Vevo also just launched an Xbox app — it wouldn't surprise us to see one for the PS3 coming soon as well. The only downside for this services woud be for those who don't want to use Facebook, because that simply isn't an option anymore. Otherwise, it's a comprehensive update that makes music discovery and sharing easier — trends that are all the rage in socially-connected apps these days.