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    Apple will invest $304 million in new Austin campus

    Apple will invest $304 million in new Austin campus


    Texas Governor Rick Perry has announced that Apple will be investing $304 million in a new Austin campus, which will employ 3,600 people. The project is being built with the support of Texas' business incentives program.

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    Texas Governor Rick Perry announced today that Apple will be adding a new Austin campus to its list of facilities. The company will be investing $304 million in the plan, which Perry said will involve hiring 3,600 workers over the next decade. Apple will also be receiving $21 million from Texas over ten years as part of the state's business incentives program. We don't have many specifics about when the campus will open or who it will employ, but it will apparently figure prominently in Apple's regional customer support, sales, and accounting.

    Apple's current Austin campus is rumored to have around 2,500 employees, and Perry said the new project would "more than double" the company's Texas workforce. Apple is by no means the only tech company in Austin — IBM also has an office in the city, and Dell is headquartered there — but this site will be part of a major US expansion on Apple's part. Meanwhile, Austin residents are surely hoping their new campus will be as exciting as this one.