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Fujitsu develops algorithm to make fiber optic networks two-thirds more energy efficient

A new algorithm developed by Fujitsu can reportedly offer higher signal quality for fiber optic networks, while consuming less energy.

Fujitsu algorithm
Fujitsu algorithm

Fujitsu claims that it has developed a new technology that allows for higher signal quality in fiber optic cables over longer distances, while consuming a whole lot less energy. The key to the puzzle is a "digital signal processing algorithm" that can both compensate for waveform distortion and extend the range of long-haul optical signals. The algorithm has allowed Fujitsu to create circuits that are five percent their regular size, and this decrease means that they also consume two-thirds less power.

According to the company, in a 112Gbps transmission test it managed to achieve higher signal quality with its new one-stage circuit than with a standard 20-stage circuit. In theory, this technology could be used to create fiber optic networks that are not only faster than what we have right now, but also cheaper and more energy efficient. Whether or not Fujitsu's claims are accurate, it'll be at least a few years before we get to see the new tech in action — it's expected to be used in optical transmission systems that will be in put in place somewhere around 2015.