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Toshiba developing printer system with erasable toner

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A new printer system from Toshiba features erasable toner, though you'll need to buy a few new devices to use it.

Toshiba printer
Toshiba printer

It may not be a paperless office solution, but Toshiba has unveiled a more efficient printing system that features erasable toner. By feeding the paper through an erasing device you expose it to heat, which turns the toner invisible. Each sheet can be reused around five times and you can use any kind of paper, though every other piece of the set-up is proprietary — including the Toshiba-made printer, eraser, and toner. The eraser also has a built-in scanner so that you can make copies of pages before erasing them, and it automatically sorts erased paper so you know whether or not a sheet can be reused. The company says it's aiming for a winter release — presumably in Japan — though you may not want to grab one at launch, as the toner will initially only be available in blue.