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Instapaper Placebo alleviates your link-saving guilt

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Instapaper Placebo is like the Instapaper Bookmarklet, except it doesn't save articles to read later. Instead, it pretends to, letting you "offload your good intentions" and forget about all the stuff you wish you'd read.

instapaper for ios
instapaper for ios

Instapaper is our go-to method for saving articles to read later on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. It scrapes away ads and other clutter to leave you with nothing but text — and guilt, because articles you intend to read later quickly pile up. UK software developer Dan W. has a solution for your unread article guilt. It's called Instapaper Placebo, and it's for "offloading all your good intentions." Instapaper Placebo looks the same as the Instapaper bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar, but when you click it, nothing happens. And you'll feel better. With Instapaper Placebo you can click and forget, which to Dan W. is "good enough," and is somehow pretty therapeutic.