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Apple shuttering public beta in favor of iCloud integration

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Apple's public beta is coming to an end this July, with the company closing down the document sharing service in favor of iCloud integration.

Pages iOS Homescreen Icon Shot
Pages iOS Homescreen Icon Shot

Apple's launched in 2009 as a public beta for users of the company's productivity suite of applications, but it never really took off — and now Cupertino is closing the door on the site. Apple has sent out emails to users of the service that they will no longer be able to upload new documents to as of July 31st. The site was intended as a way for users to share documents between different versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on both iOS and the Mac, but despite some minor feature tweaks the service never graduated beyond the initial beta period. iCloud offers much of the same sharing ability, but built directly into apps and the respective operating systems themselves. Apple is recommending that any users with documents currently stored at download them before the July shut-off date, providing detailed instructions on how to do so in an official support document.

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