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Watch this: Guy Pearce in the first four minutes of 'Lockout'

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The first five minutes of the sci-fi action film "Lockout" have been posted online, introducing us to Guy Pearce's Snow, an unjustly imprisoned man who can free himself if he rescues the daughter of the president from a space station overrun by the future's worst criminals.

Lockout screencap
Lockout screencap

What do you get when you mix equal parts Blade Runner, The Rock, and The Transporter? It might be something like the upcoming film Lockout, and producer EuropaCorp has made the first few minutes available online. Set in a dystopian 2079, Guy Pearce plays Snow, an unjustly-imprisoned man who finds himself offered a complete pardon if he'll help rescue the daughter of the president (Maggie Grace). There's just one problem: she's trapped in an orbiting prison space station that's been taken over by the future's worst criminals. The film is produced and co-written by director Luc Besson — the man behind The Professional and The Fifth Element — so you can expect a mix of stylized visuals, dynamic violence, and oddball humor. You can watch the opening below; the movie itself opens in the US on April 13th, and will be rolling out internationally in the weeks ahead.