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What never came to pass: the futuristic vision of Bohn Aluminum and Brass

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A series of advertisements from the Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation offer a look at a once-envisioned future of sweeping design lines, rocket-fueled vehicles, and utopian bliss driven by technology.

Bohn magazine ad
Bohn magazine ad

From jetpacks to flying cars, our cultural psyche is filled with dreams of a technological future that never quite became reality. Never was this more true with the vision of Michigan's Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation. Business Insider has a collection of advertisements the company produced in the 1940s, promoting the utility of its aluminum, magnesium, and brass alloys in a retro-future world of rockets, massive transports, and three-story-tall tankers. From the swooping lines of the vehicles themselves, to the broad vision of a peaceful world of monorails and skyways, it's a look back at an utopian future we once thought was within our grasp.