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Android Design guidelines updated with best practices for settings and navigation

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Google's added more detail to its Android Design style guide today, including info on how developers should and shouldn't use the settings menus and some specific details around navigating in and out of apps.

Google Design Guidelines
Google Design Guidelines

Back at CES, Matias Duarte (Google's director of Android user experience) announced official Android design guidelines to help developers give their apps a look and feel consistent with the OS. It's a very comprehensive guide, but Google's just added more detail to it today, specifically around how developers should and shouldn't use the settings menu in their apps. One of the biggest recommendations focuses around the temptation to make everything a setting — to this end, Google provides a flowchart with helpful questions like "is it actually a user preference?" If the answer is no, "don't make it a setting!" There's also some new guidelines around navigation, specifically regarding navigating between apps as well as navigating into apps via widgets or the notification menus. There's a lot of detail on how apps should and shouldn't use Android's persistent "back" button versus app-specific "up" buttons, as well. For all the details, check out Android Developer Advocate Roman Nurik's Google+ page or just visit the updated Android Design site.