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Amazon adds Android-wide in-app purchases to Appstore

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Amazon has announced that it is adding the option to include in-app purchases in its Android Appstore.

Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore
Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore

Barely a week after testing its in-app purchase system on the Kindle Fire, Amazon has announced that it is rolling out the new tool store-wide. Developers will have the option to include extra items for sale in apps for either the Kindle Fire or other Android devices, and users can either purchase them one at a time or set up a subscription that auto-renews. Amazon looks like it's already been working with a number of developers, and the Appstore SDK has also been updated with sample code.

Apple and Google already have similar systems in place, and the 30 percent of revenue Amazon reportedly takes from each purchase is the same as in the Google Play store. However, Amazon is clearly hoping to leverage its existing relationships with customers, integrating the 1-Click purchasing system to let users buy subscriptions or in-app items. On the fairly locked-down Kindle Fire, it will also make it much easier for users to make purchases.