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Tumblr for Android updated with new UI, faster loading pages

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Tumblr's Android app has received a big new update, which includes a redesigned interface and a number of performance fixes.

Tumblr Android dashboard
Tumblr Android dashboard

Tumblr's Android app has been updated with a slick new interface, as well as some performance fixes that should lead to a better mobile blogging experience. The update includes faster loading pages, and Tumblr says that accessing your dashboard and browsing blogs is now more responsive. Aside from the new look and tweaked performance, the update also improves photo browsing, lets you access notifications for multiple blogs from one page, and adds the Tumblr Radar — a feature that randomly highlights interesting posts from around the network. You can download the update for free from the source link below, and if you're not already, be sure to follow The Verge on Tumblr — otherwise you'll miss incredibly important posts like this.