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T-Mobile wants customers with unlocked AT&T iPhones

T-Mobile wants customers with unlocked AT&T iPhones


With AT&T iPhone owners now able to unlock their phones, T-Mobile is hoping to woo them over to its network.

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Now that AT&T has given customers the option to unlock their out-of-contract iPhones, competitor T-Mobile is hoping that some of them will come over to its network. Speaking to 9to5Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson explained that newly unlocked iPhone owners would simply need to purchase a T-Mobile micro SIM card and then sign up for one of the carrier's plans — and pointed to its line-up of value family plans as the place to start. T-Mobile's attitude shouldn't be too surprising, considering the carrier already has over one million unlocked iPhones on its network, and earlier this year it even began offering customer support for the phones. Not carrying the iPhone has also had a big impact on T-Mobile's subscriber base — in the fourth quarter of last year it lost 802,000 customers, a fact it blames largely on not having Apple's smartphone as a part of its line-up.