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'Asteroids' goes multiplayer with HTML5 game

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Asteroids has been re-imagined as a massively multiplayer game you can play in a web browser.

Asteroids MMO
Asteroids MMO

One of the key differences between classic arcade games and modern titles is the ability to play with others online — but a new version of Asteroids manages to bridge that gap. The HTML5 game is a massively multiplayer version of the influential Atari hit, letting you control a tiny triangular spaceship alongside other players in identical crafts. But in spite of the name, the game differs from the original in that there aren't actually any asteroids — instead, you'll spend your time trying to destroy other players. It's a relatively simple arcade-style game in which you attempt to rack up as high a score as possible before running out of lives, and you can sign in with Twitter to put a name to your score. It might not be quite as addictive as the original, but at least you'll save a lot on quarters.