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    ICQ Messenger adds location and photo sharing

    ICQ Messenger adds location and photo sharing


    The latest update to the ICQ Messenger app adds location and photo sharing.

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    Remember ICQ? The storied instant messaging network hasn't seen much traction since the halcyon days of the mid-90s, but things are looking up. Since its introduction to Apple, Android, and Bada mobile phone platforms just four months ago, the ICQ Messenger app has reportedly seen 2 million active users. And it's about to get a bit more useful: the Android and iOS versions of the ICQ Messenger app are getting an update today, which will enable location and photo sharing.

    ICQ Messenger currently offers support for ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook, and AIM, as well as a host of international messaging protocols — handy, if you've forgotten the 9-digit ICQ number you were assigned back in 1998. Location and photo sharing are a nice touch, but the app will need to compete with the bevy of popular options that already exist across both the Apple and Android ecosystems.That said, the phenomenal growth is a step in the right direction.