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Microsoft's 'A Year In The Like' turns your Facebook timeline into an interactive movie

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Microsoft-created site "A Year In The Like" turns Facebook Timelines into an interactive slideshow complete with photos and comments.

A Year in the Like
A Year in the Like

We've covered a number of groups using the Facebook Timeline to create narratives, but a new Microsoft site is doing the opposite by pulling your Timeline events into an interactive slideshow. After giving the site permission to view your posts, A Year In The Like generates a sort of scrolling movie using posted photos and comments. If you have the time and the inclination, you can also splice pieces together into a film to share with friends, who presumably don't get enough of you from ordinary Facebook posts.

The site has a bit of a Metro-style aesthetic, but there's no obvious nod to either Windows Phone or the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, so our guess is that it's one of the web proof-of-concepts Microsoft's been fond of doing lately. Based on the hosting note on the page, it looks to have been created by PR firm Edelman. Personally, I'm more of a text person, but the filter and interactive options make it an interesting alternate method of browsing.