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Nokia confirms Lumia 900 data problem, offering exchanges and $100 credit; firmware update around April 16th

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Nokia has confirmed a data connection issue on its Lumia 900 for AT&T, offering buyers a $100 credit off their bill, a free exchange, and the promise of a firmware update on or around April 16th.

Nokia Lumia 900 software (555px)
Nokia Lumia 900 software (555px)

Nokia has just confirmed the data connection problems that some early buyers (and reviewers like ourselves) have seen on the Lumia 900, describing it as a "memory management" issue. That's the bad news; the good news, however, is that the company claims that it's strictly a software bug, not a hardware issue or a problem with AT&T's LTE network. New phones with updated software are apparently already on their way to stores — Nokia expects them to arrive within a couple days — and if you don't want to exchange yours for a new one, you'll be able to update your current device using the Zune client on or around next Monday, April 16th.

Regardless, anyone buying a Lumia 900 between launch and midnight on April 21st will qualify for a $100 credit on their AT&T bill, a nice "we're sorry" from Nokia for the trouble (even if the phone isn't in stock, you can get a rain check). If you didn't think this was an absolutely critical launch for these guys, you should now.