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Instagram updated to support HTC One X, other Tegra 3 devices

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The third Instagram for Android update in a week adds support for the HTC One X and other Tegra 3 devices.

HTC One X Instagram
HTC One X Instagram

It's honestly pretty incredible just how fast Instagram is rolling out updates for its Android app: it's only been a week since the artistic photo filter program arrived on Google's mobile operating system, and tonight the app's seeing its third update. This one brings support for the HTC One X, which amusingly didn't work at launch, despite the company prominently using the phone in its promotional photos. In fact, Instagram says the new version works better with Tegra 3 devices in general, and also includes bug fixes for the tablet update that the company rolled just a few days back, and an issue that caused photos not to appear in the gallery. Three updates, five million downloads and $1 billion in Facebook cash... it's been a big week for Instagram.