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The Louvre now offering Nintendo 3DS audio guides with built-in maps

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The Louvre is modernizing its museum offerings today, with the release of the Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS.

Back in December, the Louvre announced plans to replace its audio museum guides with Nintendo's 3DS consoles, as part of an attempt to appeal to more touchscreen-minded audiences. Today, the initiative launches in earnest, with the official release of the Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS. According to Nintendo, the new app comes replete with more than 700 audio commentaries and high-definition photos of the Louvre's collection, as well as a detailed mapping function that allows visitors to identify their exact location within the expansive museum.

The guide also features a slew of 3D graphics and animations of select works and offers two themed tours — one focused exclusively on masterpieces, and a forthcoming, Egypt-centric itinerary geared toward families. The app is currently available in French, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese, though the museum plans to launch a video-guided tour in French sign language, as well.