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455 tweets form Smart ASCII animation

455 tweets form Smart ASCII animation


Smart Argentina has thought up an innovative use for its Twitter feed, creating an ASCII art flipbook animation.

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Smart is best known for its diminutive cars, and now the company's Argentinian Twitter account has devised a way of using the service's small messages to big effect. Using a combination of ASCII art, Twitter's keyboard shortcuts, and 455 tweets, the company has created a flipbook-style animation that it's dubbing the world's first Twitter commercial. As you'd expect, the animation is fairly basic, but follows a Smart Fortwo on a journey through a town, passing through tunnels and causing people it passes to turn their heads. To give it a shot, all you need to do is head to the Twitter page and hold down "J."

The result works surprisingly well, and packs a lot into the 140-character limit of each tweet. It's a great idea, and is one of the more inventive uses of Twitter that we've come across. However, we can't see it working so well if you followed the account before and had frames of the animation appearing in your news feed. If you have trouble getting the Twitter version to work, the company's also turned it into a video, complete with soundtrack.