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Nokia Lumia 610 NFC officially launching on Orange UK in Q3 2012

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Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 610 hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 610 hands-on photos

That didn't take long — following an earlier leak, Nokia has gone ahead and made the Lumia 610 NFC official. The handset will first launch in the UK on Orange in the third quarter of 2012, which seems like an unusually long time to wait considering the 610 was announced back in February. It's possible that Nokia's taken its time adding new features — along with the previously mentioned MasterCard PayPass support, the phone will also work with Visa's point-of-sale payment solution, payWave. While Windows Phone doesn't have NFC support itself, Nokia has built its own software on top of Microsoft's platform for the 610. We're not sure if the UK will get the vanilla version of the 610, or if the NFC-enabled model will make it to the US, and Nokia is still yet to announce pricing for the latest addition to the Lumia family.