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'Resident Evil 6' gets $1,300 premium edition complete with leather jacket

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A new premium edition has been revealed for Resident Evil 6 in Japan, which includes a leather jacket so that you can dress up like Leon Kennedy.

Resident Evil 6 - Leon's leather jacket
Resident Evil 6 - Leon's leather jacket

Special editions of games let you pay extra for everything from downloadable costumes to tiny Master Chief helmets, but Capcom is taking things a step further by letting you dress up like Resident Evil 6 star Leon Kennedy — all for the low price of ¥105,000 ($1,297). The newly unveiled "premium" edition is available for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, and comes with a quartet of character-themed tablet covers and, more importantly, Leon's leather jacket. And considering that a copy of the game with one tablet case will run you around $98, it's one expensive jacket. Unless you're in Japan, it may not matter anyway: it's not being advertised outside Capcom's local market at the moment. Resident Evil 6 will be coming out on October 2nd, and be sure to check out Polygon's preview from Captivate 2012 for a closer look at the game.