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Google Currents goes global, improves syncing functionality

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Google Currents has hit version 1.1, improving syncing functionality, adding improved translation options, and spreading the app out across the globe.

Verge Currents iPad
Verge Currents iPad

Google Currents has opened its doors to the world with a new update that brings the magazine and RSS feed aggregation platform to app stores outside of the US, while rolling out a few useful features. When Google Currents launched back in December, readers lamented to lack of international support; version 1.1 fixes that snag. To bridge the international divide, Google has baked Google Translate directly into Currents. Publishers who decide to share content globally can opt to have it auto-translated in up to 38 languages — handy for readers looking to keep up with current events around the world.

Also new: dynamic syncing. The previous incarnation of Google Currents packed some fairly hefty load times, as content was downloaded to your device to enable offline reading. With version 1.1, articles and the like will be updated and streamed to you as you browse. Offline reading is still available and functions as it always has, but getting content quickly while you're connected is a nice touch.

You can grab the update right now, via Google Play or the iOS App Store.