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CloudOn now supports Box for syncing Microsoft Office docs to your iPad

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A new update for iPad app CloudOn lets you use cloud storage service Box while you work on Microsoft Office docs on your tablet.

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CloudOn lets users view and edit Microsoft Office documents from an iPad, and now the app has been updated to support cloud storage service Box and several new kinds of files. The app can already connect to a Dropbox account, so the addition of Box simply adds an additional storage option — and the company says that more choices are on the way. The update also adds Adobe Reader into the mix, which means that the app can now read a few more file types including PDFs and PSDs. You can also now email files from within the app, and the update also includes some tweaks to the user interface. You can download CloudOn for free from the source link below, which should hold you over until the official Microsoft Office app eventually comes to the iPad — if it's actually real, that is.