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Comcast updates Xfinity TV for iOS with DVR management controls

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Comcast has updated its Xfinity TV for iOS app with DVR management functionality

xfinity tv ios
xfinity tv ios

Comcast yesterday pushed out an update to Xfinity TV for iOS that brings native DVR Manager functionality to the app. Viewing and editing scheduled recordings previously forced subscribers to leave the app and utilize Safari, so this is certainly a more convenient solution. Comcast notes that — much like the app's remote feature — DVR control is only available to customers with Motorola-branded settop boxes, so a trip to your local cable center might be in order if you've still got older hardware hooked up. That also means that it won't do much good for TiVo owners who were just granted Xfinity On Demand access. Unfortunately, Comcast continues to lag behind competing providers in one crucial area: live TV streaming. Both Cablevision and Time Warner Cable allow users to watch live TV when connected to their home network, while Xfinity offers On Demand content only.